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About Us

Upon seeing a plump little bear "cub" with blue eyes, I was fascinated by these qualities.

 Having learned that it was Pomsky, we became interested in this breed.

 To our great regret, majority of the presented images of "Pomsky" did not correspond to what we were delighted with.  Short-haired or shaggy, they looked thin and many did not have blue eyes.

 Then I thought that we must definitely take care of this breed and we are obliged to breed only high quality blue-eyed puppies of small size and with a thick plush coat.  I used to envy those few breeders who had just such results.  But now we ourselves have reached this perfection!  We care not only about the beauty of puppies, but also about their health and socialization.  Parents undergo DNA / Geneitc tests and all puppies receive Florida Health certificate 

 Our puppies are so good!  They brighten up our everyday live stream while they are small.  After a month, the entire puppy kindergarten is happy to frolic in the yard.  They have so much energy and are so excited about everything!

 Our family takes care of them with warmth and love so that our puppies come to new homes bringing joy.  

The hundreds of photos, video, and live stream show everthing on how the puppies live and socialized. 

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